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If you listen to one kazoo orchestra rendition of The Legend of Zelda theme this year, do it with The Cloning of Zelda.  I wrote this with friends from my live stream (twitch.tv/verbalprocessing) as a means of learning more about game development in Unity and C#.

The Cloning of Zelda was created in one week, mostly live and features hand-crafted original assets, similar by not identical gameplay and not much actual game.  Baby steps!


Ian "Verbal Processing" Strandberg: Programming

Music, and Sound Effects by Christopher and Joshua Sanderson of Three Ribbon Studios

Marker rendition of sprites: Mrs. Processing

All of the The Everyday Creative viewers and friends, past and present.  Love to the lurkers.

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Published 9 days ago

Install instructions

Unzip and run EXE.


legend of zelda screen clone.zip 26 MB


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I really like the hand-crafted assets, but for some reason, there are some sprites floating outside the play area.
Also, the knockback is kinda "floaty", and it just doesn't really "feel" right.
I liked it!

Thanks kindly for your feedback Carlos. I will examine my knockback carefully in the future.