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Swamp Kid is a tiny, stark game borne of learning, experimentation and collaboration.  We feel it has a few kernels of entertainment to share.  Allow me to sizzle it for you:

  • 1-bit base art punched up with some simple but effective post filters
  • evocative music from Three Ribbon Studios
  • an inscrutable but coherent setting
  • creepy-ass wasp sound effects
  • see and hear what is there in 5 minutes or less

Although deeply flawed and downright broken in several important respects, it does have a few small, beautiful elements. We hope you find some small value of your own in it.

If you find something appealing about this project, consider joining us for the livestream in which we make projects like this every weekday at 10am Pacific: http://twitch.tv/verbalprocessing

Since I was unable to complete my implementation of the menus in time, I shall list a few credits here:

Partial Credits

Ian "Verbal Processing" Strandberg: Design, Art, Programming

Matt Thompson: Programming

MsScree: Stream Mom and Supportive Friend

Music, and additional Sound Effects by Christopher and Joshua Sanderson of Three Ribbon Studios

All of the The Everyday Creative viewers and friends, past and present.  Love to the lurkers.

Freesound.org (donate to them!)

Install instructions

No special installation instructions.


swamp kid.zip 71 MB


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Not enough Lurking Popes are spawning.  Also, getting trapped in the Easter egg room is possible.